All I Want For Christmas: The Mariah Carey MAC Collection


MAC-Mariah Carey_TheArtofBery

IDC what anyone thinks: I love Mariah Carey as if she were my very own favorite auntie. In fact, in my head, that’s exactly what she is. It doesn’t matter what she does or says, I will always love her because a. she is over the top and owns it b. her music is amazing and c. she always looks amazing. OH and d. she is the queen of dropping impeccable shade. Also, I love her even more now that she’s a mom (because obvs I am too), so I feel like if we were to ever meet in real life, she would totally be my BFF auntie.




So, you can imagine my glee when I found out that she’s teamed up with MAC (one of my fave makeup brands) to release a signature makeup collection. Also, you should know that it is just as glittery and glamorous as one would think that anything involving Mariah Carey would be.

MAC-Mariah Carey_TheArtOfBery

Here are a few that products from the line that I plan on nabbing. Feel free to share with me the ones that you plan on getting for yourself! XO


Lipstick: I Get So OCC

MAC - Mariah Carey_TheArtOfBery.jpg

Lipgloss: Little Miss Monroe

MAC_Mariah Carey_TheArtOfBery.jpg

Eyeshadow: I’m That Chick You Like

MAC-Mariah Carey_TheArtOfBery.jpg

Powder Blush: Sweet Sweet Fantasy

MAC-Mariah Carey_TheArtOfBery

Loose Powder: Touch My Body

MAC-Mariah Carey_TheArtOfBery..jpg

Brush: 183 Buffer


Extra Dimension Skinfinish: My Mimi


MAC_Mariah Carey_TheArtOfBery.jpg


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