Surfer Girl Cool At Alexander Wang SS17


In a perfect world, I would be wearing nothing but Alexander Wang all of the time. And, by all of the time, I mean, ALL of the time. I would be that uber-cool mom in the school pickup line at my son’s school looking like this:


Alright, that’s a little bit dramatic. But, you get my point: I love Alexander Wang and all of his designs. All of his clothes and accessories always perfectly match my style aesthetic. However, I am always and forever on a serious #singlemombudget (which basically means there’s no extra money just sitting around waiting for me to spend it on clothes). But, that’s ok. I’m totally fine with just clicking through and salivating at his looks online, filling up a shopping basket with all of my favorite finds and then exiting the page like nothing happened. It’s like retail therapy at its finest! hahaha

While I decided to sit out this season New York Fashion Week, I was kind of sad to miss his show. Thanks Jesus for the internet and my ability to receive all the backstage beauty looks straight to my inbox! Side note: Totally not the same as being there (sigh) but it’s close enough and I’ll definitely take it mostly because I honestly do love checking out all of the backstage beauty looks.


According to Diane Kendal (for NARS), the beauty look was inspired by surfer, beauty girl. “It’s that look and natural color that someone gets if their skin has been kissed by the sun.”

Here are all of the beauty products Diane used backstage on the models:

FACE: NARSskin Luminous Moisture Cream, NARSskin Total Replenishing Eye Cream,
Sheer Glow Foundation, Stick Concealer
CHEEKS: Cappadoce Matte Multiple, Altai Matte Multiple, Vientiane Matte Multiple,
Portofino Multiple
LIPS: Stick Concealer
Here are all of the nail products that Michele from essie used:

1. Ridge Filling Base Coat
2. Coctails & Coconuts
3. Au Natural
4. Matte About You Top Coat
ESSIE_SS17_Alexander Wang_065
ESSIE_SS17_Alexander Wang_039

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