When it’s your kid’s birthday, it’s like your own birthday + Christmas day + every other celebratory holiday in the calendar year all rolled into one. Even if no one else celebrates the fact that you have kept a life alive for “x” amount of years, you definitely should. Shout it from the roof tops, have a drink...
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Listen, much like any mom anywhere, I appreciate (and love!) a good mom break. I need it, it’s crucial, and all those moms that tell you that they don’t need one are a damned lie. (Yeah, I said it lol.) The problem is that they don’t get to happen very often. Also, if you aren’t pro-active...
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I just wanted to take a second and share the link to my newest piece for Cosmopolitan. (Click here to read.) It’s always a big deal to me when my work is published on a major platform. Not only because I really love writing, but because it’s all I really want to be known in...
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