The Really Cool Wine You Should Try Right Now


I know it may seem like I’m a serious homebody (because the joy I feel while wearing my fave PJ’s and snuggled up with a glass of wine and my laptop is just a little too real), but I do like to go out and socialize from time to time. Whenever these feelings crop up, I usually don’t go out and will instead immerse myself in a game of car chase with my toddler son. So, when a publicist friend based out of L.A. e-mailed me to ask if I wanted tickets to a OneRepublic concert to check out her newest wine client, I yelped for joy and said, “Sure!”

Now, in my younger, child-free days, an invite like this would have been nothing special because I received a million of them every week. (Ok, not a million, but there was never a shortage of event invites in my in-box). But, times have changed (I’m a mom! Living in Dallas! Which feels like a million miles away from NYC!) so, I was extra excited about this opportunity. I called up my Texas bestie (whom I hadn’t seen in like, a month, or something ridiculous) and, because I was feeling extra feisty, took an Uber to meet her at The House Of Blues.

We headed up to the VIP section for a pre-concert cocktails session and sipped on Electric Sky Wine. What does this wine have to do with a OneRepublic concert? Well, the brand recently partnered with Interscope Records and is “aimed at the music-loving, festival-going” consumer.

The cool thing about this wine is that, instead of a bottle, it comes to you in four single-serve (sealed) portions. This is a great thing for moms because you don’t have to worry about carting bottles of wine with you around the house. Also, the packaging for each one is shatter-proof (recyclable) plastic so if you happen to drop one (yeah, dropping glasses of wine happens quite often when you have very active kids around smh), there’s no glass to worry about. Each one snaps vertically on top of the other and four them equates to one container of wine. Genius! There are three flavors: Pinot Grigio (a crisp and fresh wine with lemon and peach aromas and a clean citrusy finish from the famed Saove growing region in the eastern part of Verona, Italy); Rose (sourced from a vineyard located in the Languedoc Roussillon region in the south of France, next to Provence); and California Red Blend (A juicy and smooth blend of Syrah, Merlot and Zinfandel with deep, rich red berry flavors and a soft, silky finish from Sonoma, California).



My friend and I didn’t really know what to expect with this concert since we weren’t like, serious fans or anything. However, OneRepublic was fantastic! Everyone in the band was really talented and it turns out that I knew a few of the songs thanks to all the time I spend in my car listening to the radio (because I’m always running a thousand and one errands in a day smh).  I was bummed to have to leave before the concert ended (hey, it was a school night!), but I was so glad that I decided to go. Also, I’ve got a new great wine to drink! #winning #sipsip

Andrea Arterbery is a writer (duh) that hails from the great state of Texas.
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