Hotel Review: The Texican Court in Irving, TX


For those of you who don’t know (aka if you don’t follow me on Instagram, but that’s not you, right?!), I recently celebrated my 39th birthday. That’s right, ya girl is almost out of the 30’s era. While some women might freak out about this, or just getting in older in general, I can honestly say that I’m excited to be #39AndFine.

My twenties were an awesome hot mess and my thirties have been the time that I’ve officially started to (finally!) gain the wisdom that I’ve always wanted. In fact, I’d say that my thirties have been the most pivotal era for me. I became a mom, really revved up my freelance writing career and have been able to nab some top notch bylines in the process. I’ve really started caring more for my body and soul by eating better, exercising more and attending more Bible study classes. I also went back to school, got a Master of Arts degree in Journalism and started a new career teaching college courses. Honestly, I have no complaints.

I really wanted to do something to lift my spirits for my birthday. Much like the rest of the parents of the world during this pandemic, I’ve been trying my hardest to roll with the punches of caring for my kid and working from home, all day….everyday. And, much like the rest of America, I’ve been dyyyyying to go on a vacation. Most importantly, I just wanted to take a second to have some peace and quiet and recharge my battery for this upcoming school year. Not only am I facilitating online learning from home with my seven-year-old, but I’m also teaching an online journalism course and I started my (online) Ph.D. studies.

So, you can imagine my excitement when The Texican Court agreed to host me! I arrived on a Saturday afternoon and stayed until Monday morning. Let’s start off by saying that the decor at this property is super cute. From the multi-colored robes in the room to the colorful, retro refrigerators, it gives off the perfect Western chic vibe. Because I am a #tiredmom, I opted for the Junior Suite which I highly suggest you do if you are really into giant, vintage bathtubs like me. I soaked so much in this tub the two nights I was there, I’m pretty sure that I’m part mermaid now. (If you’re not into tubs, the shower is also nice and spacious.)

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My fabulous SisterWife Devin, creator of JoyPop, came through and we social distanced with ourselves at the pool while gabbing about hot topics such as working from home with kids, our spiritual lives and why grown men act the way they do sometimes. (Hint: nobody knows.)


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The property also features a restaurant called the Two Mules Cantina, which I grabbed dinner from Saturday evening. I highly suggest the chips, queso, guac and salsa combination. It was the perfect thing to munch on while I binge watched I May Destroy You on HBO Max. Side note: I am now obsessed with Michaela Coel.

If you’re looking to get out of your hotel room, The Texican Court is located directly across the street from the Toyota Music Factory and is super close to lots of great restaurants in the area. I really enjoyed the patio brunch situation at Hugo’s Invitado’s. All of the tables were socially distanced, there were fans, tasty cocktails, delicious food and even a live DJ spinning some great beats. Irving is also a really nice area to just walk around in. To be honest, I didn’t really venture much outside of my hotel room because I loved The Texican Court property so much. There’s plenty of outdoor space and lounge chairs around for you to chill and read a good book. There are cute little fire pits as well if you want to do a s’mores situation. I meditated. I wrote some new words and I even uploaded a new lesson plan while there. Overall, I’d say that it was a great, relaxing weekend. So, yes, I do plan to return again next time I need some R&R.

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