NEW For Cosmopolitan: Bye, Rachel Dolezal



I just wanted to take a second and share the link to my newest piece for Cosmopolitan. (Click here to read.) It’s always a big deal to me when my work is published on a major platform. Not only because I really love writing, but because it’s all I really want to be known in life for. Andrea Arterbery, WriterSide note: Well, I’ve got this whole mom thing going for me right now which has turned out to be an unexpected piece of awesome in my lifestyle. So, I also want to go down in history as a great mom. I feel like writing is what I was born to do and I am always honored when publications allow me the opportunity to pen articles for them. When the news about a white woman living her life as a light-skinned black woman (aka Rachel Dolezal) came out, I felt the masses needed to know my thoughts about her. (Which is basically that she needs to have a stadium of seats.) A million thanks to Cosmopolitan for allowing me the opportunity to publish my stance on this news and thanks to all of you who commented/shared/congratulated me on the piece. I am literally a typing ball of happy right now and so happy to get back to doing what I really love. xo

Andrea Arterbery is a writer (duh) that hails from the great state of Texas.
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